Improve the level of potable water service in the northeastern portion of the City’s service area by potentially increasing available flow and pressure during peak demands for potable water customers in the service area.

The site is located on a property the City purchased a few years ago from Ajax. Recent hydraulic modeling and master planning of the potable water system, as well as, considerations of existing customer concerns have confirmed this location.

The City’s consultant performed a pipeline route study to determine the best alignment for the two 16-inch water mains, which will be located along Gene Green Road and Knights Trail Road as well as along Perimeter Road respectively.  Please see the Pipeline Route Study Technical Memorandum on the Documents page.

Construction began in October 2023 and the booster pump station is expected to be operational late 2025. 

Yes, there will be a landscaped berm along the southern boundary of the site that will be of sufficient height to conceal the facility from neighboring communities.

Yes, the site will include a security fence such that site access will be controlled and monitored by City of Venice Utilities.

Although the site will have security lights, they will be strategically placed so as to not adversely impact surrounding neighbors.

Based on the Acoustical Assessment performed by the City’s consultant, noise levels at the nearest Toscana Isles Club residences should not exceed 45 decibels and noise levels at the nearest Venetian Golf and River residences should not exceed 40 decibels, which is consistent with an average residential neighborhood, soft music playing, or a farm field with a light breeze. Please see the Acoustical Assessment Report on the Documents page. 

The generator is currently planned to be housed in a sound attenuating enclosure. As described above, the noise level will still be considered a quiet 45 decibels at the closest residences, even with the generator running. Please see the Acoustical Assessment Report on the Documents page.

As required by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection, the generator will be run once a month for 1 hour for preventative maintenance.

The facility presents no additional flood risk to the surrounding areas.

No. The City has conducted two separate Environmental Site Assessments to confirm there will not be any impacts by the project.

The top of the above-ground storage tank (not elevated) will not exceed approximately 30 feet above the existing grade.  Furthermore, a landscaped berm on the south side of the facility is planned to shield the new facility from view.

Construction cost is estimated to be $21.5 million and the overall project costs are $23.5 million.  Funding sources for this project include State Revolving Fund (SRF), State Grant, Plant Capacity Fees, and Utilities Capital Fund.